Guidelines for Posting Information to the ISPSO Mail Service


The purpose of the ISPSO Mail Service is to broadly dissiminate announcements and information about events relevant to the psychoanalytic study of organizations. The ISPSO electronic mail service contains the email addresses for people who have an interest in the psychoanalytic study of organizations who may or may not be members of ISPSO. These guidelines aim to facilitate the distribution of concise and useful information.

Postings to the ISPSO Mail Service should convey concise information about substantively new and upcoming opportunities for learning about this approach to organizations (new publications, upcoming conferences, newly formed interest groups or organizations).

Items should include descriptors such as sponsoring individual or organization (e.g., publisher, parent institution), time and place of the event, cost, etc.

Items should contain contact information where more complete information may be found (e.g., name of contact, website, phone number, and/or postal address).

The total text for an item is limited to 150 words total.

Graphics and/or attachments will not be distributed. However, graphics may be submitted to the webmaster for posting in the News section of the web page.

Items will be distributed once. Updates, reminders, etc. will not be distributed.

Advertisements for goods or services (e.g., consulting services) will not be distributed.

Those wishing to post items to the ISPSO Mail Service please use the contact form to send the Administrator a message.