ISPSO Members' Research Inventory

Introduction and explanation

The ISPSO Research Inventory Project was announced In October 2009 as a new activity for members of ISPSO. A liaison is in place to make sure it will be coordinated into the ISPSO Online Library. Responsible for this initiative is Lilian Hupkens, who conducted the surveys and provided yearly updates. This is the February 2012 abbreviated update.
For a complete report including abstracts (Updated February 2012) click here.

ISPSO Member Research Inventory Project
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There are three categories:

1st Category, Finished Dissertations and Theses
2nd Category: Work in Progress, Doctoral Dissertation in progress
3rd Category: Work in Progress, research not linked to academic title

The aims of the Research Inventory Project are

  • to have a better overview of research that has been done by ISPSO members
  • to make the research accessible and available to the members
  • to have a better overview of "work in progress", who is doing what in which country and which part of the world
  • to promote the ISPSO body of knowledge
  • to stimulate new research being undertaken
  • to support those with “work in progress” by providing peer support.

This overview will be updated regularly and will be maintained by Lilian. If you would like to add your research, academic or non-academic, send an email to||tlusnocsnekpuh and you will receive the questionnaire.

ISPSO Inventory of Research, February 2012

Finished Dissertations and Theses:

1980 SCHWARTZ, Howard
New York, NY, USA
From Protestant Ethic to Obsession-Complusion: Job Involvement as a Moderator of the Effects of Job Scope and Job Satisfaction

1987 LONG, Susan
Melbourne, Australia
A Structural Analysis of Small Groups

1987 RECINIELLO, Shelley
New York, New York, USA
Toward an Understanding of the Performing Artist: A Study of Actors and Dancers:

1992 AXELBANK, Jeffrey H.
Highland Park, New Jersey, USA
An Organizational Consultation and Proposed Intervention for Preventing Burnout in a Staff of a Community Residence

1995 STEIN, Mark
London, UK
Envy and related unconscious phenomena in groups within organizations

1999 NEWTON, John
Melbourne, Australia
Learning from the Experience in Management Education: A Psychodynamic Perspective

2000 FARIS, Mike
Melbourne, Australia
The Experience of Participation in a Hospital

2000 WEINER, Mark Weiner Psy.D.
Raritan, NJ, USA
Understanding the Embedded Intergroup Relations of an Inner City Catholic High School: Learning from Student and Faculty Leaders

2002 FRAHER, Amy L.
San Diego, USA
The Development of the Tavistock and Tavistock-inspired Group Relations Movement in Great Britain and the United States: A Comparative and Historical Perspective.

2002 OGLENSKY, Bonnie D. Ph.D.
New York, NY, USA
Bittersweet Attachments: The Bonds and Binds of Mentorship

2002 de SWARTE, Thibault
Rennes, France
From management catching up to organisational psychoanalysis: the case of telecommunications systems and operators

2003 FITZELL, Janet
Melbourne, Australia
The System Psychodynamics of E-mail: a Case Study

2003 SANFUENTES A, Matías
Santiago, Chile
Regression and Group Psychotherapy: Observing the Effect of the Group-as-a-Whole Interpretation on the Group Members’ thinking

2004 GELEI, András
Budapest ,Hungary
An Interpretive Approach to Organizational Learning: The Case of Organization Development

2005 WESTERN, Simon
London, UK
A Critical Analysis of Leadership: How Fundamentalist Tendencies Can Be Overcome

2005 CRAWSHAW, Laura, Ph.D.
Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.
Coaching Abrasive Executives: Exploring The Use Of Empathy In Constructing Less Destructive Interpersonal Management Strategies

2006 DEMPSEY, Kate
Melbourne, Australia
Values in Leadership: Approaches of Victorian Local Government Managers
Finished Doctoral Dissertation

2006 de Gooijer, Jinette
Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia
The Murder in Merger: Developmental Processes of a Corporate Merger and the Struggle between Life and Death Impulses

2007 NEUSTADT, Elizabeth
Attachment at Work: Its Construct, Discriminant, and Predictive Validity

2007 WHITE, Sheila
Kendal, Cumbria, UK
A Psychodynamic Perspective of Workplace Bullying Scenarios

2007 RAMVI, Ellen
Stavanger, Norway
Learning from experience? A psychoanalytic perspective on teachers’ learning.

2010 DENT, Nuala Finished Master’s Thesis
Melbourne, Australia
Integrating face-to-face and virtual in the study of group relations

2010 DARTINGTON, Tim PhD by publication
London, UK
Developing a Systems Psychodynamic Approach to Health and Social Care

Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia
“Engaging Stakeholders to Create Effective Change”

2012 BOXER, Philip PhD by publication
London, UK
Evaluating Platform Architectures within Ecosystems: Modelling the Relation to Indirect Value

2014 SUTTON, Sarah — Doctoral Dissertation
Birmingham, UK
Being Taken In: How can psychoanalytic psychotherapy lead to better relationships?

Work in Progress, unfinished Dissertations and Theses

BEUMER, Ullrich
Cologne, Germany
“Eminent Leadership and Generativity – Experiences in the transitional period from the role of leader to the role of a consultant in the later period of professional life”

BRUNNER, Louisa Diana
Milan, Italy
“Crisis Management in Family Business: a Psycho-Social Perspective”.

CLANCY, Annette
The Organization of Disappointment

Zoetermeer, Netherlands
“Aspects of a psychodynamic training model”

LUCEY, Aideen
London, UK
Meaning Lost and Meaning Found: Containment in Contemporary Organisations

MACKIE, Belinda
Melbourne, Australia
The psychoanalytic treatment of psychosis in institutions

ÖZDEMIR, Hüseyin
Erftstadt-Liblar (Cologne), Germany
International Organisational Development - A Case Research

London, United Kingdom
Information will be available in the beginning of 2012

Work in Progress, Independent research not linked to academic title

ACUNA, Eduardo & SANFUENTES, Matías
Santiago, Chile
1. Evaluation of the effectiveness of Organizational Role Analysis Method to reduce the level of Burnout in a Geriatric Hospital’s Multidisciplinary Health Team.

2. A Socio-Analytic Study of the National Geriatric Institute History: A Socio Historic search for the institutional roots of a forgotten hospital

Melbourne, Australia
Social defences in disability service systems

EDEN, Angela
London, UK
Working in the cracks; the consultant’s dilemma

Madrid, Spain
1. Career development of women in the banking business/ (barriers).

2. Talent life cycle and elite sportsman and sportswoman.

New York, New York, USA
Organizational Resilience—Sandler O’Neill Ten Years after 9/11

MANN, Clive
London, England
Ridler Report: an ongoing research programme covering strategic trends in the use of executive coaching from the perspective of corporate users of coaching.

New York, New York, USA
Executive Women and Power

ROTH, Jeffrey D. MD
Chicago, Illinois 60602, USA
Subject nr 1. Analysis of On Line Al-Anon Meetings
Subject nr 2. Impact of Freud’s Addiction on the Development of Psychoanalysis
Subject Nr. 3. Analysis of Virtual Large Study Group

SEGAL, Stephanie
UK, London
Attitudes to Difference in the Workplace with a specific emphasis On Race, Religion and Gender