The links below will connect you to videos of leading thinkers in our field. Each site will have specific instructions on how to access the videos, some of which are accessible to ISPSO members only.

David Armstrong

Conversation with David Armstrong (video) 2015  (members only)
David Armstrong has kindly recorded an interview with Claire Huffington about his work . We are honoured to have him as a member of ISPSO , and grateful for the generosity of both Claire and David to make this possible.

Gordon Lawrence

Gordon Lawrence is one of the most creative and prolific thinkers in the application of psychoanalytic thinking to social and organizational phenomena. Since his work at the Tavistock Institute from 1971 to 1982, and through his numerous other positions and associations since he left Tavistock in 1982, Gordon has developed numerous innovative concepts and perspectives that have influenced many others. Most recently he has focused primarily on Social Dreaming, a social technology for discovery that he discovered in the late 70’s. Gordon is one of three Distinguished Members of ISPSO.
Video interview with Dr. Kenneth Eisold: Reflections on Social Dreaming  (ISPSO members access only).
Video interview with Dr. Susan Long: Reflections on Early Work & Development of Thinking - (ISPSO members access only)
Interview with Anthony Blake:   (public access)

Lisl Klein

For over fifty years, Lisl Klein has been passionately engaged in putting social science into practice in the workplace. A researcher who became in-house social scientist at Esso Petroleum, then for 19 years at the Tavistock Institute and now at the Bayswater Institute, London, which she founded. Dr Klein has combined socio-technical and systems psychodynamic approaches to the task of making sense of, and improving the workplace. A long-time collaborator with Harold Bridger, she has pursued double task methodology in this endeavour: exploring how systems affect people and how the psychodynamics affect the organisation. Never “either/or”, always “both/and”! She has written this work up in six excellent books and in many published papers.
For those familiar with her outstanding contribution, this video represents a stimulating overview of her professional life and work and current preoccupations. For those new to her work, it will be a fascinating introduction to a major contributor to our field.

The video of Lisl Klein in conversation with Derek Raffaelli: See here (members only)

Isabel Menzies Lyth

Isabel Menzies-Lyth, who died in 2008, was a seminal thinker in the application of Kleinian ideas to the social and organizational fields. Among her enduring theoretical innovations is the idea of “social defenses,” which provides a lens for understanding the impact of individually experience anxieties on the functioning of organizations. She was also a key member of the original Tavistock Institute and an integral part of many of its contributions in the post-war era. This video webcast provides a rich introduction to her and to the tradition of thought and practice she represents. As such this is an excellent start for what will become our archive of video webcasts. The video was produced by Amy Fraher. We are very grateful for her contribution. Amy Fraher holds the copyright for the video and viewers are not allowed to duplicate or distribute the video without Amy Fraher's consent.  (public access)

Eric Trist

Eric Trist is one of the founding members of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, where he was first involved with the war office selection boards with Sutherland and Bion. His work at Tavistock led to ground-breaking theoretical advances, in the form of Socio-Technical Systems, and numerous innovative contributions to our understanding of social and organizational life from the socio-psychological, socio-technical and socio-ecological perspectives. After moving to the U.S., where he worked first at UCLA then spent many years at the University of Pennsylvania, his influence and notoriety were extensive, leading to his being awarded the Order of the British Empire. An illuminating anthology can be found at
as can a more extensive biography on Wikipedia.
See  interview with Eric Trist by Stuart Winby .  (public access)

Manfred Kets de Vries

Why Leaders Derail  (public access)
If we want to know what can be done to create better leaders we need to look at why they turn bad first.

Kenneth Eisold 
Interview by Thomas Hoffman  (public access)

"I think of my consulting work with clients as a series of conversations, weaving together observations, questions, comments and suggestions to help clarify their dilemmas and enable them to reach their goals.  It is vital to grasp what they really want, but also to keep the connection vital and alive."

An interview by Thomas Hoffman on Ken Eisold's work as an organizational consultant. A video filmed and edited by Zachary Miller, posted on Youtube.


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