London 1995

The Distinctive Relevance of Psychoanalytic Understanding to Organizations. Cases, Methods and Perspectives

Chair: Jon Stokes

Clive Hotel

< The Analytic Object in Organizational Work > by David Armstrong

< Strategic Planning and the Illusion of Control: Towards a Psychodynamic Perspective of Strategic Process > by David Barry & Michael Elmes

< Vulnerable Leadership: Consultancy to Management in Transition > by Francesca Cardona

< Psychoanalysis Today: Implications for Organizational Applications > by Kenneth Eisold
Published as: Eisold, Kenneth (….), Psychoanalysis today: Implications for organizational consultation. Free Associations 38, 6(2), 174-91

< In Fagin's Kitchen: Social Defenses as a Protection Against Children in the Post-Modern World > by Miranda Feuchtwang & Sheila Ramsay

< Challenges of Working at the Individual, Group, and Intergroup Level in Business Joint Venture Consultancy > by Thomas Gilmore & Michael Seitchik
Published as: Gilmore, Thomas N. & Michael Seitchik (2001), Consulting to Tensions in a Business Joint Venture. Organizational & Social Dynamics 2, 1-16

< The Psychodynamics of Strategic Alliances: Anxiety and the Management of Independence > by Larry Gould, Ross Clinchy & Robert Ebers
Published as: Gould, L. J., R. Clinchy & R. Ebers (1999), The Systems Psychodynamics of a Joint Venture. Human Relations, 52(6), 697 - 722

< The Psychodynamics of Architectural Practice > by Robert Gutman

< The Psychodynamics of Strategy Formulation > by Larry Hirschhorn

< When Women Lead: The Visibility-Vulnerability Spiral > by Kathy E. Kram & Marion E. McCollom

< 'Social Dreaming' as a Tool of Action-Research > by W. Gordon Lawrence
Published as: Lawrence, W. Gordon (1996), Socialt drommande och varadgsliv. In: Boethius, S. & S. Jern (eds.) Den svarfangade organisationen. Stockholm (Natur Och Kultur)
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< The Sociopsychoanalytic approach > by C. Rueff-Escoubes, G. Mendel & M. Weiszfield-Bitan

< Understanding Identity, Compliance and Dissent in Organizations within a Constellation of Life Themes: The Essential Contribution of Psychoanalytic Theory > by Adrian Carr

< The Psychoanalytic Implications of Open Space Events > by Sholom Glouberman

< Meeting God: When Organizational Members come face to face with the Supreme Leader > by Yiannis Gabriel
Published as: Gabriel, Yiannis (1997), Meeting God: When organizational members come face to face with the supreme leader. Human Relations, 50(4), 315 - 342

< The Seduction of Understanding: Some Uses, Misuses and Limitations of a Psychoanalytic Approach to Management Development > by Vega Zagier Roberts

< Research as a Path to the Psycho-Analytic Understanding of Organizations: A discussion of problems and methods > by Robert Lipgar

< Administration as a Form of Psychotherapy > by Howard E. Book

< Affective Codes in the Production of Services: The Experience of Social Cooperatives in Italy > by C. O. R. Association

< Organizational Telescopes and/or Microscopes > by Christopher Ridgeway & Michael Walton

< Educating the Gut: An application of Psychoanalytic Understanding to Learning in Organizations > by Susan Long & John Newton
Published as: Long, Susan D. & Newton, John (1997), Educating the Gut: Socioemotional aspects of the learning organisation. The Journal of Management Development Vol.16, No.4., 284-301

< Training the Psychoanalytically informed Organizational Consultant > by Howard Atkins, Kamil Kellner & Jane Linklater

< The Sin of the Father: Reflections on the Role of the Organization Man in the Decline of Male Authority > by Howard S. Schwartz
Published as: Schwartz, Howard S. (1996), The Sin of the Father: Reflections on the Roles of the Corporation Man, the Suburban Housewife, their Son and their Daughter in the Deconstruction of the Patriarch. Human Relations, 49 (8), 1013-1040
Revised and published in: Schwartz, Howard S. (2001), Revolt of the Primitive: An Inquiry into the Roots of Political Correctness. Westport, CT (Praeger)

< A Culture of Enquiry: Life in a Hall of Mirrors > by Peter Griffiths & Robert D. Hinshelwood