Symposium Newyork 1996

Organization 2000: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

ISPSO's 1996 Symposium was held from June 14 through 16 at the New York City Marriott Financial Center. It was a unique opportunity to search the ways in which psychoanalytic theory and practice can help us comprehend and work in organizations. The Symposium offered a forum to explore:

• How technologic, economic, organizational, social, political, etc., change is already transforming an individual's character, relationship to the organization, their work, and their self.

• The psychological experience of being in a post-modern, post industrial, year 2000 organization.

The following papers, listed here in alphabetical order by author, were presented:

The Girl Who Couldn't Help It, Jonathan Ames

The Recovery of Meaning, David Armstrong

Action Learning: Employing The Workplace Within, Howard Atkins, Kamil Kellner, and Jane Linklater

Resurrecting the Muse: Followership in Organizations, David N. Berg

Lacanian Resources for Organizational Consulting, Mark Bracher

The Hubris of Management, Yiannis Gabriel

Psychoanalysis and the Executive Role, Larry Gould

Strategy, Distorted Thinking and the Sense of Shame, Larry Hirschhorn

On the Use of Psychoanalytic Concepts in Organisational Social Science, Lisl Klein

Separating from the Organization: Subjective Desire, Struggle and Social Responsibility in the Life of the Entrepreneur, R. Koenigsberg

Anxiety & the New Order, James Krantz

Psychoanalysis, Discourse and Strange Lists: These are a Few of My Favourite Things, Susan Long

An Introduction to NetDynam, Harriet W. Meek, Fred Bauder, Shannah Whitney, and Robert M. Young

Internal consultancy, team and institutional development, Robert Nicodemus

What Does Psychoanalytic Theory and Application Have to Offer the Women of Workforce 2000?, Shelley Reciniello

'In My End Is My Beginning': The Changing Context of Psychoanalytically-oriented Consultancy, Vega Zagier Roberts and Lionel F Stapley

Deep Time: Narrative and Immanence in Organizational Consulting, Don Ronchi and Thomas North Gilmore M. Arch

Working with Problems of Narcissism in Entrepreneurial Organizations, Richard Ruth

The Sin of the Father: Reflections on the Roles of the Corporation Man, the Suburban Housewife, their Son, and their Daughter in the Deconstruction of the Patriarch, Howard S. Schwartz

The Emergence and Development of a Psychodynamic Approach to Japanese Managerial Operations: The Need to Heal Japanese Mental Institutions—How to Restore the Splitted Self and Adapt to Reality, Yukito Shimizu and Joichi Ogawa

"Death Imagery and the Experience of Organizational Downsizing: Or, Is Your Name on Schindler's List?", Howard F. Stein

The Emergence and Development of a Psychodynamic Approach to Japanese Managerial Operations, Koji Takahashi

Reflections from Practice: The Interface of Psychoanalysis and Organizational Role Consultation, Kathleen Pogue White

The Psychodynamics of Psychoanalytic Organisations, Robert M. Young