The Social Dreaming Matrix has been a constituent part of the PD program for 10 years. Beginning in 2004, it was offered during the whole annual meeting (morning and evening during the PD Workshops and mornings of Members’ Day and Symposium). As the ‘function’ of Social Dreaming has changed from a valuable opportunity to experience a new method of inquiry to a means for accessing new thoughts and thinking about social and organizational life, it is now a fourth element of Annual Meetings. A Social Dreaming Matrix session is offered to all participants of the Annual Meeting every morning. (There is no charge for the Social Dreaming Matrix.)

Social Dreaming is a method of working and thinking that uses dreams as the key form for communication. In Social Dreaming the participants focus on the emerging dream rather than the individual dreamer. The work involves associating to one’s own and others´ dreams, so that they are made available to learning about what they contain and reveal about social and organizational reality.

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