35th ISPSO Annual Meeting in Dublin, Ireland

18th-24th June 2018

Theme: Desires and Defences @ work 2018: Psychoanalytic Explorations

We live and work in fast changing times, where what was taken-for-granted can no-longer be relied upon. The digital age and network society are disrupting traditional organizations, and accepted norms are being challenged in every sector. This symposium will explore what conscious and unconscious desires and defences are at play for individuals and collective groups in today’s workplaces.

It invites you to apply a psychoanalytical lens using two distinct ways of looking. To be human is both to desire and to be anxious. It is also about defending against those anxieties particularly in uncertain times, and unchartered waters.

Full details: See the AM2018  website


Key Dates

  • Submission of Paper & PDW Proposals: 5th Jan 2018 (now closed)
  • Papers, Presentations and Workshops Confirmed: 17th February 2018
  • Programme Announced: 24th February 2018
  • On-Line Registration opens: 24th February 2018
  • Early-bird registration closes: 27th April 2018
  • Full Papers/Proposals submitted by  27th April 2018
  • ANNUAL MEETING: 18th-24th June 2018

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