Presidents Commission

AM Commission
December 2015 - Report to the Board

Dear Colleagues,

Those of you who've been ISPSO members since the start of 2015 may recall that Jerry Fromm, then President, set up a small commission of members (Peliwe Mnguni, Jinette de Gooijer, Mal OConnor, and Beth Neustadt) - to look into how the choice of location for the Annual Meeting has been made, historically, and how it should be made. The work of the AM Commission has been documented in a report that was submitted to the Board - of which Beth had in the meantime become an elected member - in time for the December, 2015 Board meeting. Carole Eigen, now President, has since agreed that this report should be made available to members. We hope you will find this report of interest, and look forward to seeing your reactions on the List-serve.

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