Student Policy
  1. An applicant for Student Membership must be a full-time student in a government-accredited educational institution and must provide official documentation regarding her/his current enrollment status. See: Application form.
  2. The annual fee for Student Membership is $50 (USD).
  3. Annual Meeting Chairs have the discretion within their budgets to offer Student Members reductions in member registration fees for the Annual Symposium. Student Members are generally not eligible for discounts on other activities associated with the Annual Meeting (e.g., PDW’s and the Gala Dinner). Student Members are invited to take part in Members’ Day and to attend regional meetings.
  4. Student Members are not eligible to vote in elections of Board members or President Elect.
  5. Student Membership may be renewed annually for a maximum of five consecutive years if the criteria in #1 above are met and appropriate documentation is provided.