ISPSO Guest Membership Policy
  1. ISPSO is very interested in having an international membership, not limited by extreme disparities in exchange rates between different countries. We therefore have created a category of temporary Guest Membership in order to provide an opportunity for colleagues from such countries to join us in sharing and developing thoughts and practice in the field of the psychoanalytic study of organizations.
  2. Application for Guest Membership may be made through the ISPSO website. As with all categories of membership, ISPSO’s Executive Director manages the application process.
  3. There is a one-time application fee of $50 (USD). Otherwise, Guest Members are exempt from member dues for two years.
  4. Guest Members may register for Annual Meetings at a 50% reduction of the Symposium fee for members. There is no fee reduction for other AM events (e.g., PDW’s or the Gala Dinner). Guest Members are invited to take part in Members’ Day and to attend Regional Meetings.
  5. Guest Members are not eligible to vote in the annual elections for Board Members or President-Elect.
  6. After two years, Guest Members may become regular members upon payment of the full dues. Guest Membership status may be extended beyond the two-year period upon request. Should a Guest Member wish to apply for an extension, please contact ISPSO’s Executive Director.