This idea of a Foundation grew as if from the ether, when friends and international colleagues of Gordon Lawrence met up and caught up with one another: the suggestion followed the tribute to his work hosted by Tavistock Consultancy Services and others in 2012.

What happened since was the establishment of a small charity whereby Social Dreaming would be both promoted and developed further in the future and Gordon Lawrence’s contribution could be honoured.

The Foundation is a charity with educational and intellectual objects, established and operating within the principles of Social Dreaming itself, viz, the democracy of the matrix, internationalism, a sense of wonder and the respect for the authority of the contributions and the contributors.

The Center for the Study of Organizational Change (CSOC)

is pleased to announce the first annual Excellence in Organizational Scholarship Award. Scholars from all disciplines are invited to submit papers in competition for a $2500 award ($1,500 cash prize and up to $1,000 in travel expenses).

CSOC is the only psychoanalytically-oriented group studying organizations at a research university in the United States. The purpose of this paper competition is to recognize scholarship that advances our knowledge of the psychoanalytic study of organizations.

Eligible papers are original articles published in a refereed journal within the last two years, or original articles accepted for publication in a refereed journal within the next two years. Papers may be either conceptual or empirical. Original papers may be submitted by the author, or nominated by a third party. Authors of nominated papers will be contacted and asked if they would like to submit a complete application.

All submissions and nominations must be made through the CSOC website. Complete details about the award is available on this page and on the attached flyer.

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