Membership in ISPSO is open to all who are interested in applying psychoanalytic theory and practice to the field of organizational dynamics.

This includes the study of the unconscious and conscious forces at play in organizational culture, leadership and followership, authority and power relations, team and network dynamics, the shadow side of organisational life, creativity and innovation, emotional and affective dynamics, identity issues, organisational structures, and changing workplace practices.

We also study how wider psycho-social conditions i.e. new technologies, globalising forces, local conditions, and changing social dynamics such as gender role and identity, impact on organizational dynamics and how organizational dynamics impact on wider society.

Our international membership consists of consultants, academics, clinicians, coaches, managers, leaders, students and others who are active in applying a psychoanalytic frame-works to inform their work.

This diverse mixture of members enables a very rich exchange of ideas, best-practice, theory, knowledge, experience and consultation, managerial and coaching methods that apply psychoanalytic thinking to the workplace.
APPLY HERE -  Online Membership Application Form

OR, click here to download the same application form in Microsoft Word that you can fill in off-line and send to
Please be sure that you have filled out the Statement of Interest and Brief Biography. Your application will not be processed without them.
Please note that the application approval process takes approximately 4 weeks.


After acceptance into ISPSO, your Annual membership subscription will be due.

There are three fee categories:

  • Full Membership at $200 US—the expected fee from all members unless you have a reason for paying a lower fee.
  • Reduced Fee Membership at 70% fee $140 US—if you need to conserve resources due to limited income.
  • Low Income Membership at 40% fee $80 US—e.g. full time students, unemployed, member with very low income.

Payment can be either USD or equivalent EU, AUD and GBP.


We look forward to receiving your application.

Thank you!

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