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     Angela Eden

    I welcome the thoughtful and extended paper from the Board , and hope we can use this forum for debate .
    While I welcome the ambition and intent . I have a major concern about ‘reach’ . I have worked with a few organisations that stretch too far , under -resourced and over- ambitious . They had to retreat and limit their footprint

    We are inde d a voluntary organisation and we have achieved a wide international membership . So far the effort has been held by a small % of members , so I wonder how we can mobilise even more energy .
    I wish to sound critical in a constructive and realistic way .

    Other thoughts ?

     Lilian Hupkens

    Lilian: i agree, seeing the long list of new functions and the enormously ambitious list of new activities, a professional full time organisation would not be able to do all of this at all.
    Perhaps we should move this discussion to the list serve.

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