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12th ERM Milan: Paternal Function and Generativity in European post-modern Organisations
Manuel Seijo 17 Nov 2013, 02:09

12th European Regional Meeting

Paternal Function and Generativity in European
post-modern Organisations

Milan, April 4-5-6 2014

Corso Magenta, 61

Meeting Registration Fee: 120€, students: 80€.

Number of Participants: limited to a maximum of 40.

With this direct link you can find Flyer, Registration and Hotel Forms.

To ensure hotel rates & availability and “Last Supper” visit, send us Registration & Hotel forms within January 2014

For further information and registration contact:

Agenzia Mosaico – Via San Secondo, 31 – 10128 Torino (Italia)
Tel. +39 011 5681238 / +39 011 5684423 – Fax + 39 011 505421
e-mail: erm2014@agenziamosaico.com
or Daniela Cabibbe e-mail: danielacabibbe@alice.it

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Re: European Regional Meetings
Manuel Seijo 10 Mar 2014, 04:19

Close to the ERM, is nice to see the interest people get to go. Registration was close at the end of January. Sure we going to get a wonderful debates. Looking forward to meet you all there.

Re: European Regional Meetings
Mario Perini 30 Apr 2014, 07:21

12th ERM Milan 2014

Dear friends and colleagues,

following Angela Eden’s report, let me try to convey my overall satisfaction for such a successful event, despite its limits and occasional shortcomings, and to congratulate with all those who contributed to it from different roles and perspectives: the ISPSO Board and the LARA Committee, the Associazione IL NODO group for its constant support, the Meeting’s fantastic membership, and our brave and competent crew.

The 2014 ERM took place in Milan at the beginning of April: the Meeting opened on Friday 4th at 6pm and ended on Sunday 6th at 1pm.
This was the first time for a Regional Meeting to be held in Italy, the selected theme was fairly challenging: “Paternal function in European post-modern organisations”.
The local committee included Daniela Cabibbe, the administrator, Franca Fubini, the programme manager, Giovanni Foresti, the keynote speaker, and myself as the Chair.
The preparation had been quite complex and reflective, on both a scientific and a logistic/administrative level, and we had many useful exchanges with Carole Eigen, Marieke VanDam and Manuel Seijo. We also got some support and advice from Jerry Fromm, Philip Boxer and Angela Eden.

The recruitment was extraordinary, wider than our best expectations: we had 47 participants, coming from 13 different Countries (Italy, France, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, USA), from different ages and backgrounds, and with a nearly-perfect gender balance (24 women, 23 men). In particular we invited the two previous ERM Chairpersons, in a sort of continuity process and “baton passing”.
There were a couple of students, but the average age was rather high, in alignment with a view of Europe as the Old continent and an ageing culture and economy. Out of 47 participants 34 were ISPSO members and 13 new faces.

We met at the Hotel/Congress Center “The Stelline”, a XV Century palace with a nice cloister, which was formerly a convent (and in more recent times an orphanage!)
After a first introductory presentation, a welcome party helped people to become friendly with each other. The second and the third day began with a social dreaming matrix, aimed to lead participants to access to their deep thoughts and feelings concerning the Meeting theme. An articulate paper on paternity as a psycho-social function, presented by Giovanni Foresti, elicited a lively discussion followed by a grouping process and groupwork around some selected subjects, such as paternity and masculinity, parental function, the role of the mother, authority and leadership, the siblings etc.
The SD matrices were hosted by Franca Fubini, with Angela Eden, Burkard Sievers and Ruth Silver.
The groups were facilitated by Fabio d’Apice, Thibault de Swarte, Matilda Hernandez and Judith Levy.

On Saturday evening some of the participants had the opportunity to visit the Cenacolo (Last Supper) by Leonardo da Vinci in the close church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, and later we all had a “gala dinner” in a typical Milanese restaurant near the animated city canals, the Navigli.

The collective working experience was lively, reflective and allowing a good deal of knowledge sharing, although a complicate and shifting allocation of rooms was sometimes a source of confusion and made some people get lost. Moreover, the informal, low-structured and “free-floating” atmosphere of the Meerting, while encouraging freedom and creativity, at times tended to turn plenaries into large group events in a “quasi-group relations” style.
In the last analysis however the results could be evalued as positive and enriching, as many participants commented in their feedbacks.

We hope that it also may have served well as a general rehearsal in view of the next ISPSO Annual Meeting which is scheduled for June 2015 (15-21) again in Italy, in Rome, under a quite hot title and subject:

Toxic Emotions in Organizations: Psychoanalytic Understandings and Interventions.

Looking forward to meeting a number of you in Rome.

Best wishes

Mario Perini
(Chair, Milan 2014 ERM)

Photo Gallery
(by Niels van Steenbergen )

Dear friends and colleagues,

In addition to the summary of Mario I hereby send a link of some pictures I made during the ISPSO Regional Meeting and of the streetlife of Milan. It gives a nice impression of the interesting and nice time we had in Milan. Thank you all.

kind regards

Niels van Steenbergen


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