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Human in the 21st century society:  hierarchy vs. network structures

Reflection Workshop: Moscow 2018
October 28th

The current theme stresses the central conflict of our time – conflict between hierarchy and its rules, principles and social contract, and broad possibilities of network society in selforganization, chaos and opportunities for everyone and everywhere. Our workshop invites participants to explore this theme in a series of free association and reflection events, allowing all to uncover the hidden fears, threats, but also hopes and beliefs, which the new time brings. The central metaphor we offer is of “Rabbit in a hat” but when you pull the ears, you can get anything and not just rabbit.




Current technologies of communication, information processing and education, trade and commerce, become in the avant-garde of social structures. Usual life tracks (education-career-success) don't guarantee success any more. Uncertainty accompanies every life decision of a person as never before, and old schemes and advice can't help.
Hierarchical structures (in families, institutions, business and even governments) don't provide for security and effective fulfilment of one's own needs and desires as they used to do. Family hierarchy demolishes as the technological gap between the generations becomes too wide. Economical hierarchies fall as people get more opportunities to directly find partners, employees, customers through network structures, and the search for meaning overweighs the search for just money. Even governmental hierarchies may find themselves at risk since more and more cases of citizens self-organisation takes place.
In the Russian society – historically very traditionalistic in terms of social, cultural and political structures, the struggle for progress may become the hardest. What social defences we as a society create to cope with the conflict, what desires we hide, what opportunities we see and what resources could help us meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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This is the first regional event to be held in Moscow, Russia. It is being sponsored by ISPSO and APCBC (the largest professional association in our field in Russia - Association for Psychoanalytical Coaching and Business Consulting) and the State University – Higher School of Economics (HSE). Our colleague Irena Izotova is the Current president of APCBC and we both are lecturers at HSE.
 - Ekaterina Shapovalova


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