The 38th ISPSO ANNUAL MEETING AND SYMPOSIUM will be held in Moscow
27 June - 3 July , 2022

"From Trauma to New Engagement with the Future: Working with Organizations Facing the Challenges of Tomorrow"



Dear ISPSO colleagues,

The Call for Papers and Professional Development Workshops submissions for the 38th ISPSO Annual Meeting and Symposium 2022 in Moscow is now open.

The Moscow AM Paper Selection Committee welcomes papers for the Parallel Paper Sessions (PPS) as well as the PDW Committee- for the Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) that focus on the topic “From Trauma to New Engagement with the Future: Working with Organizations Facing the Challenges of Tomorrow”.

At this point in time, the moment of our collective and individual trauma caused or reactivated by the Covid we are confronted with an opportunity to explore the ways of facing and overcoming the traumatic experience both individually and collectively in our organizations, communities and social systems to manage the transition to another, possibly the next new stage.

The pandemics helped us raise many important questions:

  • How do we encounter and deal with our own limitations, restrictions and vulnerabilities?
  • How can we accept the narcissistic injury and find ways to recover and transform into a more realistic state of mind?
  • How do we learn to deal with the loss and mourning of endlessness and abundance in the modern societies?
  • How do we deal with the idea of individualization in the face of complex and global challenges as pandemics , climate change, or poverty?
  • How can the widespread polarization, seen as a defense against anxiety, be understood and addressed?
  • And many more issues…

The theme does not only include the aspect of the trauma but also the aspect of engaging with the future. We would also like to invite you to think and write about the second half of the theme. This  entails the healing side as well as getting prepared for the future.  This suggests you could also look at how creative thinking, delving into the future, creating space for innovations can be supported in organisations.

  • How do we and organisations engage with the future, through which processes? What defenses are we likely to meet on this way?
  • How can creative energy and innovation grow and develop in organisations - from a psycho- and sociodynamic perspective?
  • What do leaders need to do to create healing and space for the engagment with the future?
  • Which challenges do we already perceive and which others might show up?
  • How do we connect past, present and future in organisations in a constructive way?

We invite you to send the PPS abstracts (max. 500 words) inspired by the topic and thoughts it evokes to: AM2022-Paper-Abstract-Submission (form)
We also invite authors to offer PDWs relevant to the topic to send your proposals to: AM2022-PDW-Proposal (form)
PDW presenters are expected to advertise and recruit participants for their workshops.

The Moscow AM Paper Selection Committee and PDW Committee are ready to receive your submissions (both PPS and PDW) by January 10th, 2022 at the latest.


Please note that it is expected that authors of all submissions that are accepted will complete the application for Continued Education (CE) credits. Details will be provided upon notification of acceptance. If you have any questions about CE credits or the application process, contact Jeff Axelbank at

Best wishes,

Ekaterina Shapovalova, Co-Chair ISPSO AM 2022 Moscow: Email PPS enquiries
Dragana Vranjes, PDWs Chair ISPSO AM 2022 Moscow: Email PDW enquiries 

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