Organization 2000 - Psychoanalytic Perspectives

Chair: Marc Maltz

Marriott Financial Hotel

< The Recovery of Meaning > by David Armstrong

< The Girl Who Couldn't Help It > by Jonathan Ames

< Action Learning - Employing The Workplace Within > by Howard Atkins, Kamil Kellner & Jane Linklater

< Resurrecting the Muse: Followership in Organizations > by David N. Berg
Published as: Berg, David N. (1998), Resurrecting the Muse: Followership in Organizations. In: Edward B. Klein, Faith Gabelnick & Peter Herr (eds.), The Psychodynamics of Leadership. Madison, CT (Psychosocial Press)

< Lacanian Resources for Organizational Consulting > by Mark Bracher

< The Hubris of Management > by Yiannis Gabriel
Published as: Gabriel, Yiannis (1998), The hubris of management. Administrative Theory and Praxis, 20(3), 257 - 273

< Psychoanalysis and the Executive Role > by Larry Gould

< Strategy, Distorted Thinking and the Sense of Shame > by Larry Hirschhorn

< On the Use of Psychoanalytic Concepts in Organisational Social Science > by Lisl Klein

< Separating from the Organization: Subjective Desire, Struggle and Social Responsibility in the Life of the Entrepreneur > by R. Koenigsberg

< Anxiety & the New Order > by James Krantz
Published as: Krantz, James (1998), Anxiety & The New Order. In E. Klein, F. Gabelnick & P. Herr (eds.), Leadership in the 21st Century. Madison, CT
(International Universities Press)

< Psychoanalysis, Discourse and Strange Lists: These are a Few of My Favourite Things > by Susan Long
Published as: Long, Susan D. (2001), Working with Organizations: The contribution of the psychoanalytic discourse. Organization and Social Dynamics Vol. 1. No.2, 174-198.

< An Introduction to NetDynam > by Harriet W. Meek, Fred Bauder, Shannah Whitney & Robert M. Young

< Internal consultancy, team and institutional development > by Robert Nicodemus

< What Does Psychoanalytic Theory and Application Have to Offer the Women of Workforce 2000? > by Shelley Reciniello
Published as: Reciniello, Shelley (1999), The Emergence of a Powerful Female Workforce as a Threat to Organizational Identity. American Behavioral Scientist, 43(2), October, 301 - 323

< Deep Time: Narrative and Immanence in Organizational Consulting > by Don Ronchi & Thomas North Gilmore

< Working with Problems of Narcissism in Entrepreneurial Organizations > by Richard Ruth

< The Sin of the Father: Reflections on the Roles of the Corporation Man, the Suburban Housewife, their Son, and their Daughter in the Deconstruction of the Patriarch > by Howard S. Schwartz
Published in: Schwartz, Howard (2001), Revolt of the Primitive: An Inquiry into the Roots of Political Correctness. Westport, CT (Praeger),

< The Emergence and Development of a Psychodynamic Approach to Japanese Managerial Operations: The Need to Heal Japanese Mental Institutions: How to Restore the Splitted Self and Adapt to Reality > by Yukito Shimizu & Joichi Ogawa

< 'In My End Is My Beginning': The Changing Context of Psychoanalytically-oriented Consultancy > by Vega Zagier Roberts & Lionel F. Stapley

< "Death Imagery and the Experience of Organizational Downsizing: Or, Is Your Name on Schindler's List?" > by Howard F. Stein
Published as: Stein, Howard F. (1997), Death Imagery and the Experience of Organizational Downsizing: Or, Is Your Name on Schindler's List? Administration and Society 29(2) May, 222-247
Stein, Howard F. (1999), Todesvorstellungen und die Erfahrung organisatorischen Downsizing oder: Steht Dein Name auf Schindlers Liste? Freie
Assoziation 2, 155 - 185

< The Emergence and Development of a Psychodynamic Approach to Japanese Managerial Operations > by Koji Takahashi

< Reflections from Practice: The Interface of Psychoanalysis and Organizational Role Consultation > by Kathleen Pogue White

< The Psychodynamics of Psychoanalytic Organisations > by Robert M. Young

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