Key Issues in Psychoanalytic Organizational Consultancy and Research

Chair: Michael Diamond

St. Moritz Hotel

< Real Conflict and Fantastic Consensus in a Community Organization > by Howell Baum

< The Puzzle: The Natural History of an Organizational Consultation > by Howard Stein

< The Consultant's Use of the Self in Family Business Consultation > by Joseph Rosenthal, Levinson Institute & Donald Davidoff

< The Nature and Value of Organizational Diagnosis > by Donald M. Levine, Brooklyn College and the Graduate School, City University of New York

< Working Across Levels of Authority > by Tom Gilmore, Larry Hirschhorn & Mal O`Connor

< The Impact on Health Care Delivery of Differing Organizational Cultures in British Columbia and the State of Washington > by William Gore & Meryl Dee Tsukiji, University of Washington

< Time and Task in the Valley: A Case Analysis of the Torin Machine Company Buyout Effort > by Marion Mc Collom, Boston University & Jonathon Gillette

< A Critical Review of Psychoanalytic Theories Used in Organizational Consultation and Research > by Laurence Gould

< Secrets of Organizational Life: A Study of Collusion > by Paula Singer & Marisa Guerin

< Organizational Nostalgia: Reflections on "The Golden Age" > by Yiannis Gabriel
Published as: Gabriel, Yiannis (1993), Organizational nostalgia: Reflections on the golden age. In S. Fineman (ed.), Emotion in Organizations. London (Sage), 118-141.

< The Intolerance of Diversity in Psychoanalytic Institutes > by Kenneth Eisold
Published as: Eisold, Kenneth (1994), The intolerance of diversity in psychoanalytic institutes. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 75(4), 785-800
Eisold, Kenneth (1999), La intolerance a la diversite dans les societes psychanalytiques. Revue Internationale de Psychosociologie 5, (Winter), 87-107
< Emotional Evocation in Consultation: Moving Beyond the Limitations of Countertransference > by Jeffrey Goldstein & Rose Redding Mersky

< The Role of the Consultant's Bias, Values and Countertransference in Organizational Consultations > by Larry Hirschhorn

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