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Chair: Don Levine

William Alanson White Institute
< Totalitarian Management and Organizational Decay > by Howard S. Schwartz
Published in: Schwartz, Howard S. (1990), Narcissistic Process and Corporate Decay: The Theory of the Organization Ideal. New York (New York University Press)

< Communication Skills and the Psychodynamics of Organizational Change > by Michael A. Diamond
Published as: Diamond, Michael A. (1992), Communication Skills and the Psychodynamics of Organizational Change. Administration & Society, 24(l)

< The Psychodynamics of Authority in a Post-Industrial Factory: Learnings from Supervisor's Seminar > by Thomas Gilmore & Larry Hirschhorn
Published as: Gilmore, Thomas N., Larry Hirschhorn & Terry Newell (1989), Training and learning in a post-industrial world. In Part III: Studies in research of instruments of change in socialization and learning at work: A new approach to the learning process in the workplace and society. Heinz Leymann & Hyu Kornbluh, eds. Aldershot, Hants, England (Avebury) ; Brookfield, Vt., USA (Gower),185 - 200.

< The Puzzle of Organizational Affiliation and the Problem of Organizational Politics > by Howell Baum
Published as: Baum, Howell S. (1993), Organizational politics against organizational culture: A psychoanalytic perspective. In: Larry Hirschhorn &
Carole K. Barnett (eds.), The psychodynamics of organizations. Philadelphia (Temple University Press), 33-45.

< Facilitating Counterprojective Work in Leadership Transitions > by Thomas Gilmore & Don Ronchi
Published as: Gilmore, Thomas N. & Don Ronchi (1995), Managing Predecessors' Shadows in Executive Transitions. Human Resource Management, Spring, pp. 11-26.

< Transitionality and Management Learning > by Gilles Amado

< The Problem of Testing Psychological Models of Organizational Behavior > by Seth Allcorn

< The Charismatic Personality and the Appropriate Organizational Context > by Michael Hoffman

< Psychoanalytic and Non-Psychoanalytic Approaches to Work Group and Organizational Consultation: An Overview and Appraisal of Theory and Practice > by Lawrence J. Gould
Published as: Gould, Lawrence J. (1991), Using Psychoanalytic Frameworks for Organizational Analysis. In: M. F. R. Kets de Vries (ed.), Organizations on the Couch. San Francisco (Jossey-Bass), 25 - 44

< The Analysis of Organizational Character > by Donald M. Levine, Department of Psychology, Brooklyn College and the Graduate School, The City University of New York ??

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