Interpreting Unconscious Life in Organizations: Psychoanalytic Issues in Organizational Research and Consultation

Chair: Don Levine

Pace University

A Methodology for Assessing Internal Working Models of the Organization: Applications to Management and Organizational Development Programs, by Laurence J. Gould

Issues in Endings of Consultancies, by Thomas N. Gilmore Published as: Gilmore, Thomas N. (1989), Issues in Ending Consultancies. Consultation, Spring Gilmore, Thomas N. (2000), Issues in Ending Consultancies. In: R.T. Golembiewski (ed.), Handbook of Organizational Consultation. New York
(Marcel Dekker, Inc.), 337-345

Organizational Initiation As Organized Sublimation: Examples Of Conflicts Between Membership And Libido And Aggression, by Howell S. Baum

Vicissitudes of the Sense of Self: Being Inside and Outside of an Institutional Role, by Zeborah Schachtel, New York City, New York

Professions And Authority, by Larry Hirschhorn

Depressivity, Potency and Power in Management, by Laurent Lapierre
Published as: Lapierre, Laurent (1989), Mourning, potency and power in management. Human Resource Management 28(2), 177 - 189

To Explore The Unconscious Dynamics Of Transition As It Affects The Interdependence Of Individual, Group And Organizational Aims In Paradigm Change, by Harold Bridger

The Case For Interpreting Unconscious Life In Organizations, by Abraham Zaleznik, Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University

Rhetoric vs. Evidence As A Source Of Persuasion: Are Facts On The Way Out?, by Donald P. Spence, Department of Psychiatry, Rutgers Medical School

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