Interpreting Unconscious Life in Organizations: Psychoanalytic Issues in Organizational Research and Consultation

Chair: Don Levine

Pace University

< A Methodology for Assessing Internal Working Models of the Organization: Applications to Management and Organizational Development Programs> by Laurence J. Gould

< Issues in Endings of Consultancies > by Thomas N. Gilmore Published as: Gilmore, Thomas N. (1989), Issues in Ending Consultancies. Consultation, Spring Gilmore, Thomas N. (2000), Issues in Ending Consultancies. In: R.T. Golembiewski (ed.), Handbook of Organizational Consultation. New York
(Marcel Dekker, Inc.), 337-345

< Organizational Initiation As Organized Sublimation: Examples Of Conflicts Between Membership And Libido And Aggression > by Howell S. Baum

< Vicissitudes of the Sense of Self: Being Inside and Outside of an Institutional Role > by Zeborah Schachtel, New York City, New York

< Professions And Authority > by Larry Hirschhorn

< Depressivity, Potency and Power in Management > by Laurent Lapierre
Published as: Lapierre, Laurent (19989), Mourning, potency and power in management. Human Resource Management 28(2), 177 - 189

< To Explore The Unconscious Dynamics Of Transition As It Affects The Interdependence Of Individual, Group And Organizational Aims In Paradigm Change > by Harold Bridger

< The Case For Interpreting Unconscious Life In Organizations > by Abraham Zaleznik, Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University

< Rhetoric vs. Evidence As A Source Of Persuasion: Are Facts On The Way Out? > by Donald P. Spence, Department of Psychiatry, Rutgers Medical School

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