Second Cornell Symposium on Psychoanalytic Studies in Organizational Behavior and Experience: The Social Character of Organizations

Chair: Leopold W. Gruenfeld

Cornell Medical Center - New York Hospital

< The Analysis of Organizational Character > by Donald M. Levine

< The Vicissitudes of Leadership: An Object Relations Perspective > by Larry Hirschhorn
< Leadership in Organizations and the Capacity for Members to Think > by James Krantz
Published as: Gilmore, Thomas N. & James Krantz (1985), Projective Identification in the Consulting Relationship: Exploring the Unconscious
Dimension of a Client System. Human Relations, Vol. 38, No. 12, , pp. 1159-1177

< Integrative and Comparative Critique > by Cynthia McSwain

< Social Character, Values Conflict, and Psychopathology Within the Large Organisation> by Douglas LaBier

< The Social Character of Bureaucracy: Anxiety and Ritualistic Defense > by Michael A. Diamond, Ph. D.
Published as: Diamond, Michael A. (1985), The Social Character of Bureaucracy: Anxiety and Ritualistic Defense. Political Psychology 6(4), December

< Integrative and Comparative Critique > by Linda Smircich

< Studying Social Character: Strategy and Methods > by Michael Maccoby, Richard Margolies & Jan Erik Rendahl

< The Scapegoating Impulse in Organizational Consultation > by Howell S. Baum

< Models of Psychoanalytic Process Consultation: Theoretical and Technical Issues > by Lawrence J. Gould

< Integrative and Comparative Critique > by Gideon Kunda

< Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Organizational Culture and Behavior > by Michael Diamond, Leopold W. Gruenfeld, Manfred Kets de Vries, Donald M. Levine & Harry Levinson

< Looking for the Black Box: A reconnaissance of Psychoanalysis in Organizational Theory > by Abraham Zaleznik

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