Psychoanalysis, The Family, and the Family in Business, Reality and Metaphor

Chair: unknown

Boston College

Psychoanalytic Approaches to Management: Paradigm Lost or Paradigm Found?, by Prof. Roderick Gilkey, School of Business, Emory University

Psychoanalytic Contribution to the Founding and Development of The Tavistock Institute - And the Sequence? , by Harold Bridger

The Attack upon the Patriarchy and the Repudiation of Reality: Toward the Resurrection of the Father, by Howard S. Schwartz

A Pilot Project to Operationalize the Personality Organization for Empirical Research, by Prof. Paul J. Albanese, Department of Marketing, College of Business Administration, Kent State University

Psychoanalysis, the Family, and the Family Business: Reality and Metaphor, by Edward B. Klein

Creating a Family in the Workplace, by Howell S. Baum
Published as: Baum, Howell S. (1991), Creating a family in the workplace. Human Relations 44, 1137-1159.
Baum, Howell S. (1994), Creating a family in the workplace (and) Mentoring: Narcissistic fantasies and oedipal realities. In: Michael Hofmann & Monika List (eds.), Psychoanalysis and Management. Heidelberg (Physica-Verlag), 43-92

Repetition Compulsion vs. Creative Repetition in the Family Business, by Kenneth I. Reich

The Role of Psychoanalysis in the Succession Process, by Wilfred E. Calmas, Calmas Associates, Boston


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