Psychoanalysis, The Family, and the Family in Business, Reality and Metaphor


Boston College
< Psychoanalytic Approaches to Management: Paradigm Lost or Paradigm Found? > by Prof. Roderick Gilkey, School of Business, Emory University

< Psychoanalytic Contribution to the Founding and Development of The Tavistock Institute - And the Sequence? > by Harold Bridger

< The Attack upon the Patriarchy and the Repudiation of Reality: Toward the Resurrection of the Father > by Howard S. Schwartz

< A Pilot Project to Operationalize the Personality Organization for Empirical Research> by Prof. Paul J. Albanese, Department of Marketing, College of Business Administration, Kent State University

< Psychoanalysis, the Family, and the Family Business: Reality and Metaphor > by Edward B. Klein

< Creating a Family in the Workplace > by Howell S. Baum
Published as: Baum, Howell S. (1991), Creating a family in the workplace. Human Relations 44, 1137-1159.
Baum, Howell S. (1994), Creating a family in the workplace (and) Mentoring: Narcissistic fantasies and oedipal realities. In: Michael Hofmann & Monika List (eds.), Psychoanalysis and Management. Heidelberg (Physica-Verlag), 43-92

< Repetition Compulsion vs. Creative Repetition in the Family Business > by Kenneth I. Reich

< The Role of Psychoanalysis in the Succession Process > by Wilfred E. Calmas, Calmas Associates, Boston

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