36: New York 2019
Perspectives on polarities: thinking below the surface

35: Dublin 2018
Desires and Defences @ work 2018: Psychoanalytic Explorations

34: Copenhagen 2017
Dreams always take place: Spaces, places, rooms, and furniture, inside and around us. Studying Organisational Dynamics through a Psychoanalytic Lens

33: Granada 2016
Ethical Dilemmas in our Global Era: Challenging psychoanalytic understanding of organizations.

32: Rome 2015
THE AIR WE BREATHE - Toxic Emotions, Organizational Health, and Social Well-Being: Psychoanalytic Understanding and Interventions

31: Santiago 2014
The Role of Trust in Contemporary Organizations: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

30: Oxford 2013
The Future of Work and the Work of Our Future

29: San Diego 2012
Living with Risk, Taking Action: The Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations in Uncertain Times

28: Melbourne 2011
Regeneration in Organisations: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

27: Elsinore 2010
The Angel of History and the Ghost of the Future: Psychodynamics and Organizational Change

26: Toledo 2009
Differences at Work: Toward Containment and Integration

25: Philadelphia 2008
Motivation and Meaning at Work

24: Stockholm 2007
Potential Space - A Source for Creativity and Terrifying Anxiety

23: Amsterdam/Haarlem 2006
The Dark Side of Competition - Psychoanalytic Insights

22: Baltimore 2005
New Psychoanalytic Responses in our work with Organizations and Society

21: Coesfeld 2004
The Shadow of the Future: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Transformations in Organizations and Society

20: Boston 2003
Power and Politics

19: Melbourne 2002
Negotiating Difference: Psychoanalytic Exploration of the 'Other' in Organizations

18: Paris 2001
Destructiveness and Creativity in Organizations: A Psychoanalytic Perspective

17: London 2000
Emotions in Organizations: The Contribution of Psychoanalytic Approaches

16: Toronto 1999
Why We Do What We Do: The Use of Psychoanalytic Theories as they Apply to Organizational Research, Consultation and/or Management

15: Jerusalem 1998
Drawing Boundaries and Crossing Bridges: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Alliances, Relationships and Relatedness Among Groups, Organizations, and Cultures

14: Philadelphia 1997
The Complexity of Organizational Life: How Does Psychoanalytical Thinking Broaden Our Understanding?

13: New York 1996
Organization 2000: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

12: London 1995
The Distinctive Relevance of Psychoanalytic Understanding to Organizations. Cases, Methods and Perspectives

11: Chicago 1994
Psychoanalytic Interpretations of Organizational Cultures

10: New York 1993
Key Issues in Psychoanalytic Organizational Consultancy and Research

9: New York 1992
Psychoanalytic Approaches to Organizational Insight and Consultation

8: Boston 1991
Psychoanalysis, The Family, and the Family in Business, Reality and Metaphor

7: Montreal 1990
Clinical Approaches to the Study of Managerial and Organizational Dynamics

6: New York 1989
Title unknown

5: New York 1988
Title unknown

4: New York 1987
Interpreting Unconscious Life in Organizations: Psychoanalytic Issues in Organizational Research and Consultation

3: New York 1986
Third Cornell Symposium on on Psychoanalytic Studies in Organizational Behavior and Experience: Organizational Effectiveness

2: New York 1985
Second Cornell Symposium on Psychoanalytic Studies in Organizational Behavior and Experience - The Social Character of Organizations

1: New York 1984
First Cornell Symposium on Psychoanalytic Studies in Organizational Behavior and Experience

Combined List of Papers here presented at the (1984, 1985), 1986 - 1988, (1989 missing), 1990 - 2002 Symposia with Publication References
Compiled by Burkard Sievers to August 2002  sievers@uni-wuppertal.de

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